A Full Truck Load (FTL) means enough products (which can be bulk/liquid) to fill a Full Truck Load, or a dedicated truck is preferred for a partial load due to safety or security considerations. The opposite of FTL is Less than Truck Load (LTL). LTL means that multiple orders are combined in a Truck Load, and is typically applied by third party logistics (3PL) operators, who combine shipments from multiple customers together in a load in a hub-and-spoke network.

Why optimize Truck Loads to Full Truck Loads?

Optimizing truckloads to Full Truck Loads (FTLs) improves the utilization of trucks and reduces transportation costs, the number of deliveries, the risk of damage and empty mileage (as a result of shipping less air in a trailer) and the impact on the environment through less CO2 emissions.

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  • Reduced cost per unit.
  • Shortened transit times.
  • Fewer damages.
  • Dedicated capacity.
  • More cargo insurance.
  • Number of carriers.
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